Industry 4.0+

Understanding Industry 4.0

Understanding Industry 4.0 Manufacturing has undergone several eras of change from the first industrial revolution

The fourth era of change – Industry 4.0 – is driven by connectivity, materials and processing technologies, and collaborative advanced manufacturing networks like I.O.T. (Internet of things)

Industry 4.0 uses new design principles:

RobSol and the Industry 4.0 +

RobSol will be focused on the co-operation between man and machine, as human intelligence works in harmony with cognitive computing. 

By putting humans back into industrial production with collaborative robots and AGV, workers will be up-skilled to provide value-added tasks in production, leading to mass customization and personalization for customers.

RobSol can help you implement Industry 4.0+ on our factory plant.

Introduction of Industry 5.0

The fifth era of change – Industry 5.0Is focused on combining human beings' creativity and craftsmanship with the speed, productivity and consistency of robots.