Engineering & R&D

Custom Equipment Design and R&D

The RobSol team is specialized in custom machinery.  At RobSol we can develop the machine required for your needs.

We have vast experience in R&D and custom development for special projects.  We can developpe your machine as part of a partnership in R&D or a turnkey solution.

RobSol can act as an extension of your engineering  team to design and develop your specific solution.

Technician working on CAD station design parts for a project

Machine & Robotic Upgrade

RobSol has the expertise for all your needs in machine upgrade.  We specialize in the following:

Technician working in electrical panel for a North American project, UL electrical panels. Technician is installing devise inside panel

Machine Automation

Machine programming is a key element for success and performance of your equipment.  Our specialists at RobSol can analyze and upgrade the existing equipment based on today's technology and most importantly based on your specific requirements.

Robot software engeneer programming and validation cycle of operation of machine

Design Consulting

RobSol's Mechanical Design team turns your concept into an expertly-engineered product in form and functionality that is ready to be efficiently manufactured for maximum profitability. 

CAD drawing of components used during project

Equipment Optimization

RobSol has the expertise to modify and optimize your existing equipment that is often acceptable but not optimized. Our solutions help to improve productivity such as: increased production rate, reduce downtime, minimize stoppages, reduce change over time and increase service life of replacements parts or to modify equipment for the manufacturing of a new product or new SKU added to the production line.

2 Fanuc robots, 1 as a M710iC and 1 as LrMate, These robots have been used in a project in USA cobot